Business Magazines Still Closely Cover Crypto


Last year, we compared Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune & Wired, and found that pretty much every issue of those five magazines included at least one article on crypto. In 2023, we can say that’s still happening.  The April/May issue of Fortune even includes its first-ever “Fortune Crypto 40,” which ranks “firms strong enough to anchor an enduring blockchain industry,” and is, according to Fortune, the first ranking of its kind. Fortune also included three articles on crypto as part of its section — and also an article at the front of the magazine on the New York State Department of Financial Services, which regulates (as much as any government agency) the crypto market. That represents a lot of pages to one topic. And there’s more on their websites and apps.

We think that’s a bit surprising because the crypto sector has faced significant challenges, and articles like the “Fortune Crypto 40” portray the sector in a positive light — when we think it’s still not mainstream.

Meanwhile, we expect these magazines will start write about AI and ChatGPT and its competitors will get the same kind of coverage for the time being, which may not leave much room in the print versions for other articles on other sectors. But these articles will tend to be more skeptical than the crypto articles. For example, Wired recently published “Generative AI’s Dirty Secret.”

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