Bloomberg Businessweek Validates our Track Record


Each year, we issue our TrendReport for the upcoming year and then in December, we issue our Track Record that evaluates how we did for that year, giving us a letter grade for accuracy in our predictions. We think it’s important to hold ourselves accountable for what we got right and what we may have overstated. Also, this review process helps us prepare for the next year’s TrendReport.

In our Track Record for 2023, we gave ourselves a B+/A- over 10 predictions.

Bloomberg Businessweek issued “What We Got Right and Wrong in 2023,” and we applaud others holding themselves accountable for their predictions. They gave themselves a B- although each of their predictions were ranked Right, Kinda Right, Kinda Wrong and Wrong.

We will continue to issue a Track Record evaluation after each TrendReport. But we’re pleased that by evaluating their own predictions, Bloomberg Businessweek validates our annual Track Record.


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