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Earlier this week, Alex Poulos at LaunchPad Media, wrote an op-ed in the Boston Globe that discussed the future of advertising, “‘Mad Men’ of the future: The world of advertising — consumer, beware.”  In the piece, Poulos makes a few points about what the future of advertising holds, which, because of new technologies, will bring about new levels of:

  • Intrusiveness.
  • Invasiveness.
  • Interactivity.
  • Integration.

It’s this last point that interests me the most. Poulos says that “advertising, marketing and PR will be indistinguishable. Yet words used now to hasten that day — ‘integrated,’ ‘synergy’ and ‘holistics’ — will seem silly in the future.”

I agree with that — just as we predicted in the 1990s that so-called “new media” would just be called “media.” Until, of course, we got to a new “new media,” also known as social media.

I think there’s a chance we’ll stop referring to social media even as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others are integrated more closely into our smarterphones and are embedded in all sorts of devices, including cars.  (For example: you’ll be able to enter your friend’s location from your contact database to program the address into your GPS.) That convergence will just be the way we live.

And I think the current wave of new media will just be called media by the middle of the decade.

Of course, it will be supplanted by even newer media.  But that’s grist for another blog article.

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