Will Bay Area Residents Turn to the New York Times for Local News?


The New York Times is regarded as a national newspaper of record (check Wikipedia for a description of “paper of record”) but the Times is now trying to more closely cover San Francisco.

The Times currently a Sunday circulation o f65,000, but hopes to boost that number by devoting more resources to covering news from San Francisco.

Not coincidentally, the Times’ arch-competitor, the Wall St. Journal is also devoting more space and resources to covering San Francisco news in order to boost its circulation.

Interestingly, while Times did not disclose its plans, the Journal leaked its plans.

The Journal plans to start in Nov. or Dec., “by adding a page or two of general-interest news from California, probably once a week, produced by the large staff it already has in the Bay Area.”

Doesn’t seem like much of an increase in coverage, but it’s an experiment.

One worth watching since newspapers are cutting space and resources, and this goes in the opposite direction.

For more details, check out “The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times Plan San Francisco Editions.”

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