Track Record of Our 2014 Predictions, Part V: Ongoing Consumer Trends


Here’s a look at how we called Ongoing Consumer Trends affecting us in 2014:

  • The Battle for the Living Room.  Grade: B
  • Cord-cutting will continue to be a top story. Grade: A
  • Consumers still expect Apple to unveil a new way to watch TV, but Apple will offer, instead, the iWatch.  We nailed this one except we got the name of the Apple Watch wrong. Grade: A
  • Premature deathwatch of things that are very much alive. People love to predict the death of various, usually popular items, devices or technology. Here are candidates for 2014:
    • PCs: We said PCs are not dead yet and corporate sales kept the category from seeing overall declines. Grade: A
    • Cable TV: We said, “We don’t think cable companies will disappear anytime soon because they’ve made bundling – phone/cable and Internet – so indispensable.” Grade: A 
    • Press releases: Despite social media, there’s still a place and a value to press releases. Grade: A
    • Media relations: We said it would continue to be important, and we feel it still is, despite inroads from social media. Grade: B+
  •      Actual deathwatch: Things we feel are actually dying.
    • The phrase “at press time”Grade: A
    • Paper-based holiday cardsGrade: B
    • The words “authentic” and “artisanal”: As much as we’d like these words to die, they remained strong in 2014. Grade: C-.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap things up with the last set of trends we identified for this year.

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