Track Record for Predictions for 2013, Part VI


Ok, finally, our last set of grades for our predictions for 2013!

  • Cloud computing going mainstream: This will continue in 2014, too. Grade: A.
  • The battle of tablets: This will continue in 2014, too. Grade: A.
  • Gaming for business:  Gaming will continue to be integrated into business and training apps to keep people engaged and entertained. Grade: B+.
  • Big data: The media will continue to cover big data as it continues to go mainstream…until big data is supplanted by the next data trend. Grade: B+.
  • Consumerization of enterprise apps: We were right about this, too. Grade: B+.
  • Hybrid IT: By this we mean technology that combines on-premise and off-site/cloud solutions. This is still important but we don’t think generated a lot of buzz. Grade: B-.
  • Second screens: This got a boost from when Twitter went public (which, by the way, was a story we missed; we did not expect it to go public until 2014). A lot of the Twitter IPO stories looked at Twitter’s relationship with commenting on TV programs. Grade: B.
  • Infographics: We expect companies to use infographics – visual representations of information like survey data – to make information shareable via social media but we don’t expect print media to reprint corporate inforgraphics because they typically take up too much of a user’s screen, particularly on smartphones. That doesn’t mean infographics are not worth producing, it just means B2B companies need to be realistic in terms of goals for their use. We nailed this. Grade: A.

Overall grade: B+/A- 

Check out our predictions for 2014.

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