The Need for Thought Leadership: Mayor Bloomberg’s editorial initiative underscores the value


You might think that as Mayor of New York City, you might not need to think about thought leadership and expanding ways to communicate your thoughts to the public.

After all, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has access to the media on a 24/7 basis. And not just local New York media — if the New York Times and Wall St. Journal can be considered local media. New York is, of course, the media capital of the US.

But that’s not enough, apparently.

As I wrote last month (Bloomberg to Publish Editorials — Welcome to the Blogosphere, Mr. Mayor), Bloomberg is launching an opinion section called Bloomberg Views to air his ideas.

Check out “After Business and Politics, Mayor Tests Opinion” in today’s New York Times. For those who think thought leadership — the concept of promoting your thoughts as blazing a path — is not worthwhile or is just about ego, think again.

Bloomberg, a billionaire who can afford to lose money, still feels that thought leadership is important to maintain his visibility, which in turns enhance the reputation of his media empire.

My point: if Bloomberg feels he could benefit from thought leadership, so could a lot of companies.

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