The ABCs Don’t Work in Social Media — The Always-Be-Closing Sales Mentality


According to some salespeople, including the characters in David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross,” the secret to selling is as simple as ABC: Always Be Closing.
But that’s not true in the social media universe.
If you’re “always be closing,” you’ll turn people off. Instead, you need to help people solve their problems by offering insights and tips. In other words, ABH: Always be helping. (I know — it’s not as good an acronym, but it’s what works.)
I mention this because this some people still don’t get that.  Some continue to think they need to continue to hard sell to generate leads.

But the fact is no one really cares about your product or service. Instead, they care about how you, your products and services, and your ideas can help solve pressing problems.

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