Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Against New England School of Law


At the top of the hour, WBUR-FM did its minute of thanking listeners who support the station, including New England School of Law, touting that four Supreme Court Justices will visit the school this year, its centenary.

That’s nice, I guess. But a more provocative way to get mileage from that could have been to say: “Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Against New England School of Law — find out why at…”

The school could then announce that it is appealing the decision — and invite other justices to visit the campus.

Actually, I just had lunch with a person in charge of communications at a nonprofit client we’ve worked with, and we talked about the reticence of some nonprofits from engaging in active PR. Look, every organization has to be comfortable with the type of PR before, and there may be some great strategies and tactics that just aren’t right for the organization. So you don’t do recommend reluctant organizations to take on a PR campaign that goes against their culture. But it can be fun to imagine what they could do with it.

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