Report Card for Our 2010 Predictions, Part II


Here’s Part II of our track record on our predictions for 2010. Part I is available here.

  • We predicted that live integrated real-time interactive media will be common – that was a bit premature. But in an article appearing in its April issue, “Payday: Ustream’s Pay-Per-View Online Entertainment: Will Ustream’s pay-per-view experiment forge a business model for live Internet video?“, Fast Company validated our prediction.

  • In other predictions, we said radio will continue to survive – for now. So far that’s true. But the challenge continues to be that kids may not be growing up listening to radio – they’re listening to their iPods instead. We were right that the decline and fall of TV networks wouldn’t happen in 2010 as viewership actually increased, according to Brian Stelter reporter in a Jan. 2nd article: TV Viewing Continues to Edge Up, noting “Americans watched more television than ever in 2010, according to the Nielsen Company.”

  • It’s pretty clear that social media will survive the recovery – that it’s not just something people do while waiting for work. We also said that online credibility will continue to be important, and some of the crises that hit in 2010 proved that point when the companies’ online sites did not provide an accurate version of what was happening.

  • We said the intersection of social media and traditional media will be increasingly busy — a thought validated by Fast Company in a November cover story, “I Want My Twitter TV!.”

All in all, we did pretty well in 2010. If only the Red Sox had done as well.

We will issue our predictions for 2011 next week. Check back, please, and let us know what you think.

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