NYT & WSJ Validate Our Cyberattack Prediction


For the last two years, we’ve predicted that cybercrime, cyberattacks and cyberwarfare would be top ongoing stories.

We’d rather not be right about this. And we don’t want clients to be involved — just prepared that this is a topic that the media will cover.

Nonetheless, here are two recent New York Times and Wall St. Journal headlines that validate our predictions:

As background, in our predictions for 2013’s”Ongoing stories we’ll see covered in the media,” we wrote:

  • Cybercrime and cyberwarfare: We said this was a growing issue in 2012, and we maintain that’s the case for the rest of the decade. There will be a lot of articles about China as a source for cyberespionage and policy articles about how the U.S. should protect itself from its largest creditor. Expect regular front-page coverage about the latest exploits against the U.S. and U.S. companies. A big concern: our security and intelligence agencies don’t have enough trained personnel to protect against and prevent cyber attacks against the U.S. and American businesses; and they lack the resources to fully identify and prosecute cybercriminals. We also expect to see a rise in the number of stories about cyberstalking and “revenge porn,” where jilted exes post incriminating (and often false) information as a way to get back at former spouses, lovers, and friends.


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