NY Times’ David Pogue Validates Our Ultrabook Predictions


One of our predictions this year was that “the most overused phrase in 2012 could be: lean-back/lean-forward user experiences.”

So far, we’ve jumped the gun on that one. (As background, lean-back activities are those in which users passively access content, like watching TV. Lean-forward activities are those in which the user is actively engaged in consuming content, as when they’re searching for content on the Internet or via an app.)

But we also said, “Also expect to hear a lot of about ultrabooks – PCs as sleek and thin as Macbooks.”

And in today’s New York Times, consumer product reviewer David Pogue, reviewed several new ultrabooks. “So what’s an ultrabook?” Pogue asks. “It’s a MacBook Air that runs Windows,” he answered.  He’s bullish about ultrabooks: “If you wait, more goodness is coming.”

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