Newspapers, Magazines Aren’t the Only Media Facing Tough Times


Noticed I didn’t ask if local broadcasting is dead — I know it might appear that I’ve been fixated as of late, but it’s been tough times.

In a story yesterday, “Local broadcasters scale back as advertising fades,” the Boston Globe reported that local broadcast media — TV, cable and radio — are all expecting cutbacks in advertising revenue in 2009, and that most have made administrative and on-air cutbacks.

The article points out that 2008 was a good year due to political ads, and that post-election years are always lower — so that this trend is not related to the mass migration of print consumers to the Internet.

But it’s a reminder that the downturn is casting a wide net, and that traditional media is poised for a tough 2009. That said, until online media can adequately monetize their users, online media is going to face a tough 2009, too.

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