New York Times Validates Our Latest Prediction about an Energy Crunch


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 Earlier this week, we issued three additional predictions for trends the media will cover in 2022:

  1. Interest in batteries and energy.
  2. Fighting disinformation.
  3. The widespread use of the word “vibe.”
That last one has not been validated yet. And the one about disinformation, particularly about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is certainly validated all over the place.
But the interest in alternate power sources, like car batteries and renewable energy, has been validated by the New York Times in an article that gives a better description than we had. In “As War Rages, a Struggle to Balance Energy Crunch and Climate Crisis (print headline: “Energy Crunch Spurs Push for Fossil Fuels, but Climate Clock is Ticking”), the Times uses the phrase “energy crunch” to describe the current situation.
There is indeed pressure to drill and tap fossil fuels but as the Times notes, there’s also more pressure to find alternate power sources in part because other oil-rich countries are problematic and may not be inclined to help the U.S. by boosting production.
We think there will be continued interest in renewable energy and alternate energy sources because the likelihood is that gas prices will remain high through the summer.
In the meantime, we will continue to track these three trends, especially our favorite of them, the use of vibe in articles and on social media. It’s a bit happier than then other two, and the only one of the three not driven by the Russian invasion. 
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