New York Times Unveils More Details on the Journal’s new NYC Metro Section (Which Competes with the NYT)


Interestingly, reports about the Wall St. Journal’s new daily New York City metro section, which starts April 12 and is expected to average 12 pages, came not from the Journal but from the New York Times — with whom the Journal is directly competing in a newspaper war.

Check out the Times article, “Journal vs. Times in Newspaper Battle Over New York Readers – And Advertisers” by blog fav Richard Perez-Pena. The article positions the Journal’s new metro section as the latest front in a newspaper war (the advantage: reporters are already embedded). But beyond the scope of a NYT-WSJ war, Perez-Pena notes that the Journal’s new section could also impact the New York Post, another News Corp. properties and one already serving NYC — though not the upscale readers and advertisers.

Here are some key facts about the upcoming section:

  • The Journal is investing $15 million in the new section.
  • It will have a staff of 35 people (out of a staff of 750).
  • Most of the reporters will be reassigned from other sections.
  • The Journal plans to invest another $15 million in another attack on the Times, aimed at attracting women readers and more home subscribers (more attractive to advertisers).
  • The new section will cover daily real estate news, cutlure, business, sports and some metro/government news.

As readers of this blog may remember, the Times and Journal have competed over the past year to shed light on how the recession impacted the super-rich.

Check out Perez-Pena’s article for more details and insight.

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