Network News Program Adapts to the Web


According to the New York Times, “ABC Reshapes the Evening News for the Web,” “ABC is the only major broadcast network that is using the staff of its evening newscast to produce a separate and distinct daily program for a Web audience.

“The 15-minute Webcast often features Mr. (Charlie) Gibson (whom the article notes later is the oldest of the network anchors) in the anchor chair, but the similarities end there: the segments can run long, and they purposely look raw and personal, as if they were made for MTV rather than ABC.”

The article notes that the Webcast has evolved over the past 20 months, when it had been a Web-only distillation of the regular news. The Webcast includes more pop and tech news than the on-air edition.

In contrast, CBS and NBC repurpose their regular evening news onto the Web.

Makes ABC News a much more interesting media to work with.

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