More Validation from WSJ about Our Cybersecurity


In our prediction about ongoing story angles that we expect to generate coverage this year (available here), we said two to watch are:

  • Net-specific issues such as net neutrality (the need to prevent broadband providers from blocking access to competitors), the e-tax loophole (in which e-retailers don’t require customers to pay sales tax, which gives Amazon and others an advantage over bricks-and-mortar retailers that do charge customers sales tax), and anti-piracy legislation (Stop Online Piracy Act aka SOPA and Protect Intellectual Property Act aka PIPA).
  • The rising threat of Chinese businesses, the Chinese economy and the Chinese military. 

Recently, the New York Times validated the net-specific issues by continuing to report on security/privacy bills validating our prediction about ongoing stories — you can check out the links here

Today, the Wall St. Journal reported on two of those trends:

The latter story focuses on the threat to US businesses from Chinese businesses.

Here’s another WSJ article I momentarily overlooked: Cybersecurity 2.0: Encouraging companies and intelligence agencies to share information freely is a good first step — which touches on several of the points we made in our predictions about security.

Let us know if there are trends you think we missed.

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