More Validation for Our Battle of Tech Titans Prediction


Earlier this year, we predicted that a continuing story line in 2011 would be: The continuing battle among tech giants: Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Cisco vs. EMC vs. HP vs. Oracle vs. SAP. (See our blog post: Birnbach Communications’ Top Predictions for 2011, The Top 12 Business & Technology Stories, Part IV.)

The latest evidence came from Google’s purchase of patents from IBM, which has been cast as “So, Is It Google & IBM vs. Oracle?

We think the clash of the tech titans will continue to be an ongoing story line for some time in the future.

Also, we will point out that back in Jan. we missed a big story of the moment: the phone hacking scandal that continues to ripple through the News Corp. empire. Well, can’t get them all.

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