Media in a Time of War


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First, our hearts are with the people of Ukraine. We pray for their safety and for a quick resolution.

While we’re seeing harrowing footage of Ukraine, we think it important to acknowledge the bravery not only of Ukrainian people — which is significant — but also of the journalists who are reporting on the war from inside war zones.

We think it shows the importance of accurate information — even with the “fog of war” — about what’s happening.  It shows why it is important — vital — to have functioning, independent news media operating in Ukraine and the U.S. and elsewhere. 

When the only media available is state-owned, you have what appears to exist in Russia: only propaganda.  You don’t have a necessary check on power that media can provide, whether local towns and communities, cities and states or countries.

Some social media has been helpful but there are lots out there that may be bots and others intentionally or not, posted misinformation.

We generally stay away from politics but we wanted to make a point about the need for credible, researched and edited journalism. 

Again, the news about Ukraine is upsetting, and we have as an agency made a donation to a respected NGO to provide humanitarian support for people in Ukraine. We hope talks currently underway are successful and that peace returns to Ukraine and the Russian military returns to Russia.


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