MarketWatch Validates Our Prediction on Top Media Stories in 2010


Another validation of our prediction of the top media stories that “reporters are sure to be working on this year.

First was the Wall St. Journal, which validated (as reported here yesterday) our pick that the media would cover competition between Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft and EMC vs. H-P vs. Oracle

Now MarketWatch (also owned by the WSJ), which wrote, “H-P, Cisco face-off highlights rival CEOs’ contrasting styles; New rivalry pits an operations maestro against a charismatic salesman.”

According to MarketWatch’s Benjamin Pimentel:

“The rivalry (between H-P and Cisco) is emerging in a time of shifting battle lines in the corporate tech market. H-P and Cisco face other competitors, including IBM and Oracle Corp. /quotes/comstock/15*!orcl/quotes/nls/orcl (ORCL 25.44, -0.03, -0.12%) , which recently bought server giant Sun Microsystems.

“Still, the H-P-Cisco showdown has drawn most of the attention.”

Except, in our opinion, for the battle between Google and Apple. Oh, and Google and everyone else.

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