Is Twitter’s $1B Valuation an Example of Dot-Com Bubble Redux?


According to TechCrunch, Twitter is being valued at $1 billion. Meanwhile, one valuation for BusinessWeek came in at $1.00.

Could there really be such a huge gap between the two properties? BusinessWeek reporter Stephen Baker mused about this in his blog posting, “Could Twitter be worth one billion BusinessWeeks?

Since Twitter has no revenue model in place, it’s easy to consider that we’re back in the dot-com bubble days. AOL was once considered to be much more valuable than Time Magazine. Does anybody remember AOL?

I like Twitter, and it’s certainly generating load of coverage — Jay Leno mentioned it at least three times during last night’s show. But I have to wonder how much can Twitter be worth when the site generates no revenue.

Do you think Twitter is worth $1B? Do you think BusinessWeek is worth $1.00? Let me know.

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