Fast Company Validates “Made in the USA” Trend


Back in March, we predicted that an ongoing story would be “Made in the USA”:

Made in the USA: bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US. As costs in India, China, Russia and Brazil increase, expect that the benefits out offshore outsourcing may decline enough to make it more attractive to bring some manufacturing back home. Look for stories about small manufacturers whose business is growing as a result.

The July/August issue of Fast Company featured a compelling story, “The Road To Resilience: How Unscientific Innovation Saved Marlin Steel;A little maker of metal baskets shows how U.S. manufacturers can thrive against all comers.” It’s a fascinating look at a company that manufactured bagel display wire baskets turned itself into a high performance wire basket company that supplies Boeing, Toyota, and other customers with stringent needs.

 There have been other articles about manufacturing coming back to the U.S.; let us know if there are others you thought were as compelling.

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