Entrepreneur Validates “Lean In” in Jargon of the Month


Back in January, we predicted that “lean-back/lean forward” might be one of the most overused phrases this year.  

As background, Lean-back activities are those in which users passively access content, like watching TV. Lean-forward activities are those in which the user is actively engaged in consuming content, as when they’re searching for content on the Internet or via an app. 

The May issue of Entrepreneur, not yet available online, validated that prediction with its “Jargon of the Month” for May: Lean In. Ok, so it’s not lean-back, but, according to Entrepreneur, “Lean in” can be used to define “the act of making yourself appear engaged and interested when the person addressing you bores you to the point of exhaustion.”

Not really so far off, actually. I’ll give this a B in our end-of-year wrap up on how we did with our predictions.

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