Do You Need Videos to Promote Your Business on YouTube?


According to a Wall St. Journal article case study, you don’t need video to engage with customers on YouTube.

What companies can do to leverage YouTube can include:

  • Make sure to listen to what others are posting or commenting. This is basically the first rule of engagement for social media, but it often gets overlooked by those who want move forward quickly.
  • Cultivate relationships with video bloggers (vloggers). Some companies hire vloggers to serve as product ambassadors and host as in-store demos.
  • Comment or answer questions posed by those posting videos that either directly involve your product or involve your product category. Remember: do not make this a hard sell.

This approach can entail viewing and commenting on lots of videos without seeing much initial response or payoff. But one company quoted said it could not afford to produce as many videos about its products as get posted — so this was a way of extending the company’s reach.

Check out the Journal article, “How to Sell on YouTube, Without Showing a Video
Seems like worthwhile advice for those who can patiently put the time in: By making comments, companies can engage potential customers in conversation.”

Seems like a worthwhile approach for those who have the patience to plug away at it.

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