David Pogue validates our prediction about CES


Last year we predicted that CES would diminish next year, and I think the decrease in the amount of coverage indicates proves that. 

But in yesterday’s New York Times, consumer tech columnist David Pogue wrote a column that validates our prediction: “Spicing Up a Ho-Hum Tech Show.” 

Check out the opening sentences:

Hi boss! I’m back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You assigned me to report on what’s new and exciting, but I have some bad news. The answer is: almost nothing.

I mean, think about it: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook don’t even attend C.E.S.; they’d rather make their product announcements on their own schedules without being locked into this every-January thing. It’s still a big show, bigger than ever this year, with 3,200 exhibits and 150,000 attendees, but I wonder why people bother. Whose product announcement will get any press at all when it’s buried by 3,199 others?

So if you want an exciting column from me, the thrills won’t come from the news of new products at C.E.S.

Nice to get validation from Mr. Pogue.

Look for our 2013 predictions later this month.

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