Conde Nast Portfolio Claims “Facebook Creeps Me Out”


In its current issue, Conde Nast Portfolio ran an interesting article by Simon Dumenco, “Facebook Creeps Me Out.” The reasons include ever-changing definition of privacy and the unserious nature of the site.

Here are two key points:

  • Businesspeople often claim to use Facebook for vague “market research” purposes or to satisfy idle curiosity. But the social norms of social networking are still in flux, making privacy a real issue, says internet-marketing writer David Weinberger
  • Facebook is simply unserious—particularly given how it prompts hard-driving business executives to regress into adolescent vernacular. “Poking” people, requesting “friends,” writing on someone’s “wall”: It’s cute when you’re in high school or college. But in a corporate environment, it sounds disingenuous and downright silly.

Poking, friending, even following and nudging are not serious business terms.

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