Boston Globe Validates Predictions about New Way to Work


Last year, in our Top Dozen Business & Technology Stories in 2010, we predicted that the media would cover “The freelancing of the US workforce — or how we’ll all be contractors or “perma-temps” in the future (especially given the jobless nature of the recovery).”

This year, we predicted continued interest in that story as it develops, calling it the new small business model fueled by contractors, not employees.

Today’s Boston Globe reported on aspect of that: “When time is money: Flexible schedules are a boon for workers and a saving for firms.”

The increasingly flexible workforce, made possible by technology like videoconferencing, is a main driver of the new small business model.

We see that trend as one that will be increasingly mainstream, where more people work when and where they want. Please note: we’re not saying that’s the rule for everyone, every job and every company. That said, we do think more people will have more flexibility in where and when they work.

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