Bloomberg Businessweek validates a 2020 trend about sleeplessness


Back in Jan. 8, 2020, we discussed “The Age of Anxiety,” including some of the factors that “will fuel feelings of anxiety, anger, exhaustion and isolation.”

That was before the pandemic hit.

In Feb. 2020, we also talked about one additional aspect of the anxiety on Americans: we expected a rise in sleeplessness and articles about how to get more sleep.

We said: “We think the ‘Age of Anxiety’ will drive sleeplessness. There’s already recognition that sleeplessness is a health and productivity issue but we think this will increase.”

We observed then that there were already so many new mattress companies but we’ve recently noticed that some companies are not calling them mattresses any more. They call them “sleep systems.”

Which doesn’t make use feel tired in a good way.

We think we’re still living in “The Age of Anxiety,” and that one of the things Americans are searching for ways to get more sleep, to feel rested. Both the age of anxiety and sleeplessness remain an ongoing trend. (We’ll write about ongoing trends next time.) We always look to validate our predictions. In the Jan. 23rd edition of Bloomberg Businessweek, included several articles about combating sleeplessness:

So we get to tout our own horn by showing continued validation and to help readers of this blog if they’re looking for ways to get better sleep. Since this blog is being written at seconds before midnight, we’re going to stop here and try to get some sleep.



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