Bloomberg Business, and Everyone Else, Continues to Report on ChaptGPT, Section 230 & TikTok


There’s more validation of our predictions regarding ChatGPT, Section 230 and TikTok.

Here’s the latest article from Bloomberg Businessweek that validates our concern that the Supreme Court will face difficulty in issuing decisions in two cases in this year’s docket that deal with Section 230, dealing with how social media platforms moderate user content: Social Media Case Tests Limits of Supreme Court’s Tech Savvy

We feel that effective content moderation is more challenging than ever because there’s little agreement on what should be moderated and what shouldn’t be allowed. So we can expect that — whatever SCOTUS decides — people will find the decision to be divisive and unsatisfying.

Meanwhile, regarding ChatGPT, which we predicted would be a top story/trend in 2023, so far we seem to have gotten that right. We’re not sure a day goes by without an article in a major news outlet about ChatGPT.

In Bloomberg Businessweek, one we thought interesting is: ChatGPT Becomes a New Target for Right-Wing Commentators or, as the print headline went: “Culture Wares Are Coming for ChatGPT: Accusations of anti-conservative bias echo the long-running feud over social media.” We’re not surprised if only because everything can be seen as political these days.

Meanwhile, we also predicted issues around the future of TikTok in 2023. CNN has been following the situation closely, mostly recently calling it “TikTok Tumult,” and reporting that there’s momentum at the federal level to ban TikTok. As with SCOTUS, we feel that Congress doesn’t necessarily have the “tech chops” to figure out an easily workable solution here, and that will continue to be a topic the media discusses.

Our main point in this blog post is that ChatGPT, Section 230 and TikTok’s future will continue to generate attention and coverage in 2023.


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