Bitcoin Already a Hot Topic in 2014 — Validates Another Prediction


In our annual trends and predictions, we identified Bitcoin as being a hot, ongoing topic in 2014.  We said:

Bitcoin and cashless payments will continue to generate interest. We’ve seen a rise in interest in bitcoins, and it appears bitcoins may be on the edge of going mainstream. We don’t think that will happen in 2014 but we do think the topic will get discussed.

But more retailers are evaluating whether or not to accept Bitcoins for payment, and already there’s been a lot of coverage about bitcoins: such as:

And those are just within two hours of when I was writing this post.

We still don’t think most consumers will pay with Bitcoins in 2014 but more retailers will announce they accept it for payment in 2014 — as a way to highlight their being on the cutting-edge.

Meanwhile, we also saw another story prediction get validation. In our list of ongoing tech trends we identified cognitive computing, led by IBM Watson, to score coverage. Here’s a recent Wall St. Journal article: “IBM Struggles to Turn Watson Computer Into Big Business;Revenue Is Far From Company’s Ambitious Targets.”

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