Another Wall St. Journal Article Validates Cyberattack Prediction


This is a trend prediction we hate to be right about, but in our set of predictions published on Feb. 2, 2012, “Ongoing stories we’ll see covered in the media,” we included:

“Cyberwarfare: the act of attacking one’s enemies by hacking. It’s happening on both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the US media has reported that China is using cyberwarfare against the US, including corporate espionage, so expect it to spread elsewhere.”

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a spate of articles covering cyberwarfare, including this one from the Wall St. Journal (but the story appeared elsewhere, too): “Iran Blamed for Cyberattacks; U.S. Officials Say Iranian Hackers Behind Electronic Assaults on U.S. Banks, Foreign Energy Firms.”

Here’s the New York Times’ take: “U.S. Suspects Iran Was Behind a Wave of

Cyberattacks: Intelligence officials believe network attacks thatcrippled computers across the Saudi oil industry and breached Americanfinancial institutions originated in Iran.

We can add Iran to the list of countries conducting cyberwarfare.

We think coverage of cyberattacks will continue because the number of cyberattacks will continue.


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