2012 Trends Report Card, Part III


Here’s Part III of our report card of how we did with our 2012 predictions

Media Trends
1.     More viewers will cut the cable cord. We nailed this one as articles appeared across the media spectrum (print, online, blogs, etc.) with reported and first-person accounts of “cord cutting” as Americans tried to replace cable TV service either as to save money or to try new watch-anywhere apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix.  Media outlets covering the story included the Wall St. Journal (“Over-the-Air TV Catches Second Wind, Aided by Web,” “Cable Firms Making Offers Cord-Cutters Can’t Refuse,” “Cable Firms Making Offers Cord-Cutters Can’t Refuse” & A Year Without Cable: Is it possible to survive on Netflix and Hulu alone?), New York Times (“Disruptions: TV Makers Ignore Apps at Their Own Peril” & In Search of Apps for Television“), Bloomberg BusinessWeek (interview with Comcast’s CEO “cord cutting”),  and others. Grade: A+.
2.     Converging media will continue in 2012. We still think lines of cooperation and competition will continue to blur among media properties: radio stations now post photos and text articles on their website while newspapers feature video channels. And with cord-cutting, more people are watching TV shows on anything but a TV, mostly smartphones, tablets and computers. However, this was a bit topic for media coverage. Grade: B-.
3.     E-books will improve their experience by providing new interactive and multimedia content. We said that with “the growing capabilities of e-readers,… expect e-textbooks to include interactive exercises, and nonfiction e-books to include more video, photos, and audio, while fiction books will come packed with featurettes much the way DVDs are packaged.” Bloomberg BusinessWeek validated that prediction with an article, “Easier E-Books with Inkling,” that said, “E-books will improve their experience by providing new interactive and multimedia content.” We still think this will happen but we were optimistic to think e-book featurettes would be a regular item in 2012.  We now think that will happen within three to five years.  Grade: C+/B- for being too ahead of the game on this.
We’ll issue more grades in tomorrow’s post.
In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions or comments.
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