Two things I hate about Websites


Here are two things I hate about Websites:

  1. So-called Welcome screens with ads on them instead of the content you want. Is that really the kind of welcome you’d want? This being the web, if you had really wanted information on that product, you would have clicked onto that site first. Imagine the reaction if flight attendants greeted you that way, “Welcome to the 6:30am Delta Shuttle, but first check out stuff you don’t really want.” (Actually, that could be a great new revenue stream for airlines.) A real welcome would be getting me to the actual content — and fast. A 15-second ad is waaay too long. If I had wanted that kind of wait, I’d go back to dial-up.
  2. Sites that automatically load audio or video without giving you the option to listen to their audio or video — and then make it hard to mute. I mean, it’s one thing when you go to YouTube, and are expecting that video content. But when you go to a magazine’s website and get bombarded with loud content — that can be extremely disruptive when you’re on a conference call, or so I’m told.

I will not identify some of the offending sites — but only because there are too many of them.

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