Are Blogs Dead? Some Reasons They’re Still Alive


In Dec. 2008, I wrote a post, Are Blogs Dead?, in response to Jason Calcanis’ now-famous proclamation that blogging is dead.

I answered that blogs aren’t dead, certainly not to be replaced by email, as Calcanis suggsted. And I still believe that’s the case.

Brandon Mendelson’s Soap Box Included presents “10 Reasons Blogs Are Not Dead” basically providing reasons why blogs will continue and will not be fully replaced by social media.

  • The blog serves as the cornerstone for your campaigns.
  • Your existence on a social network is based entirely on the whim of that network.
  • Your posts on social networks will not be indexed by a search engine or archived years after you have moved on to a new network.

These and the other points are pretty good, and worth discussing. Especially for PR functions who are wondering whether to launch or to continue their blogs.

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