The Goal

Assist the corporate communications team to change its culture to enhance its story-telling capability.

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The Challenge

A former telecommunications company that pivoted and rebranded itself to become a technology company, Lumen Technologies’ communications team recognized that it needed to provide a stronger narrative then it did as a telco. We worked on training their communications team to find “the story.”

The Strategic Approach

We have deep telecommunications and technology experience. Our experience includes working with a videoconferencing pioneer, a provider of mobile satellite TV for cars and boats, and launching the first BlackBerry pager featuring mobile email, and generated such as positive Businessweek review (“Close to Perfect Pocket E-mail”) that it helped propel the company’s initial success. With each client, we needed to find compelling stories as they took on industry players.

For Lumen, we developed new templates and conducted training sessions, including media training, to help identify compelling story angles, position announcements and reach out to new reporters.

The Results

We helped the team identify the elements to more effectively tell the Lumen story.