The Goal

Support Akston Biosciences as it takes its COVID-19 vaccine through clinical trials.

Akston Biosciences logo

The Challenge

Akston Biosciences, Inc. a developer of new classes of biologic therapeutics, had developed a proprietary Fc-fusion platform for the delivery of a once-a-week insulin shot for diabetic cats and dogs (a significant improved of quality of life compared with the current twice-daily insulin shots), when the company’s scientists recognized there’s a connection between diabetes and COVID. They realized their vaccine platform could work to prevent the COVID virus. But first, the small 10-year-old company needed to get its vaccine candidate into clinical trials. Birnbach Communications has provided PR support since before Phase 1 trial.

The Strategic Approach

The media has been focused on the mRNA vaccines so we sought to introduce the Akston vaccine candidate, which is a protein-based vaccine that remains shelf stable at room temperature for more than six months – meaning it doesn’t need cold chain transportation and storage, which is expensive – and is significantly less expensive than the approved vaccines. We worked closely with Akston to develop the announcement strategy and coordinated with partners in the Netherlands and in India, where the trials were conducted.

The Results

We’ve introduced Akston as an underdog developing a COVID-19 vaccine that is ideal for low-income counties, especially those with hot climates. We’ve generated hundreds of articles around the world, including articles in USA Today, Forbes, and the BBC.