The Goal

Introduce Spacebit, a privately held British company to the U.S. media amid a next-generation Space Race.

SpaceBit logo

The Challenge

Spacebit is working on space data analytics tools and robotic concepts of space exploration that include AI and advanced micro-robotics. The company is invested in creating commercially sustainable data and robotics business in space exploration, and is preparing for a launch of the UK’s first moon rover – the smallest- and lightest-ever rover (1.5kg), which will use legs, not wheels, to move across the lunar surface.

The main PR challenge was to introduce Spacebit to the U.S. media amid a next-generation Space Race in which an expanded number of countries – including China, India and Israel that compete against the U.S. and Russia – are actively exploring space. Additionally, there’s a growing number of privately held startups that are developing a space-based economy.

Strategic Approach

The goal was to introduce Spacebit to U.S. media at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) being held in Washington D.C. and the SpaceBom show in Houston.

While Spacebit was hosting two panels at IAC, the bigger news was opening a facility in Michigan, and our strategy was to leverage the future opening of U.S. R&D facility to generate interest among U.S. reporters. 

We developed and executed the strategy, which included media relations. We also recommended Spacebit introduce itself to the British Consulate in Houston and Washington, DC. We had about a month to pull of the PR launch in the U.S.

The Results

We generated interest in aviation publications as well as top-tier media like Politico and TechCrunch.