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The nonprofit sector represents incredible diversity, with 1.8 million organizations with different missions, size and budgets. There are research, academic and religious institutions, advocacy and training organizations, foundations, etc.

At small nonprofit organizations, we work directly with executive directors, who are responsible for everything, have no PR team and now want to increase the organization’s visibility. At large nonprofit organizations, we work with large PR departments to achieve their goals. And we have supported clients’ cause-related marketing initiatives.

Our experience includes:

  • Placing bylined articles in newspapers and magazines
  • Writing articles and thought leadership pieces for client newsletters and to be posted on social media
  • Writing press kits that make it easier for supporters and reporters to understand the mission and background of nonprofit organizations
  • Launching new initiatives, including organizations themselves as well as service offerings
  • Raising media awareness of key issues, client organizations, and partners
  • Conducting national media tours
  • Generating placements in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Time, Business Week, CNN, Associated Press as well as in philanthropy media such as Chronicle of Philanthropy Journal and others
  • Developing PR tools that generate ongoing media coverage
  • Establishing important media relationships
  • Driving attendance for lecture series
  • Publicizing fundraising events
  • Celebrating key milestones
  • Supporting PSAs
  • Communicating to new audiences, including Asian-Americans, Latinos, and Arab-Americans.

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