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Client Quotes

These represent quotes from current and past clients.

"We selected Birnbach Communications to help us get the word out because of its strong background in financiaal servies and its creative, agile appproach to building the brand in the trade and business media, as well as through social media. Its senior team is here for us not only in strategy development and brainstorming, but also in execution and follow-through."
Steve Pugh
President, UNIT4 Business Software

"After 20 years' experience in provifing software for advanved Data Matching and Reconciliation Management, we decided to launch BALANCER, our new solution for balance sheet reconciliation, in the U.S. market. Wokring with Birnbach Communications, the U.S. launch was a great success. We have had a tremendous response from the market, and we've been extremely busy as a result. Birnbach was part of the global marketing team that turned BALANCER into a great product launch for us.
Martin Thunman
President, Adra Match

"The Birnbach team has worked in lock step with us for some time and has helped us develop and execute on a tremendously effective strategic company launch. Our launch has attracted attention across target audiences. It’s been a huge success.”
David Jospeph
President, Zebek

"I got to know Birnbach Communications as a board member for another company. I was so impressed by the quality of their work, which enabled the startup to gain leadership position in an overcrowded market dominated by Microsoft and Cisco. So I knew I wanted Birnbach to work with Zebek.”
Art Garofalo
CEO, Zebek

"I've worked with the Birnbach Communications team for years, and have hired them at my last three companies. They aggressively positioned our companies, strengthened relationships with reporters, analysts and bloggers, raised awareness with meaningful coverage that led to at least one acquisition, and showed creativity and strategic thinking. Norm, Steve and Margaret in particular 'get it' more than any other agency team I've ever worked with. They’re always thinking about us from a brand and competitor perspective, and provide a constant stream of creative ideas and opportunities to move the needle and then help us implement them flawlessly.”
Simon Moss
CEO, Pneuron
Former CEO, Avistar
Former CEO, Mantas

"Birnbach Communications delivered on a key aspect of the program. In their second year, they generated 31 awards, representing a significant percent increase over the prior year – even as there were fewer awards to pursue. They helped us win prestigious corporate awards such as the Inc. 5000 and the Deloitte Fast Technology 500 as well as important consumer, SMB and enterprise product awards that continue to validate our technology."
Vaughn Harring
Former Director, Corporate Communications, Acronis

"Please accept my sincere thanks for all the hard work the entire Birnbach Communications team has done in preparation for today's launch of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10. By all accounts, the internal enthusiasm and the external buzz has been wildly successful, and each one of you played a big part of this exciting event. Thanks for the energy, creativity, professionalism, and most importantly, results."
Bob Thaler
Former Senior Director of Marketing, Acronis

"Birnbach Communications has helped Acronis secure product and corporate awards at a time when there were fewer award competitions to win, and still kept us ahead of prior years. They helped us score strong product reviews, and helped us successfully launch the latest iterations of our flagship enterprise, SMB and consumer products. They flawlessly execute bread-and-butter aspects of PR, including analyst relations, while also serving as a trusted advisers who continually come up with big ideas, including social media approaches, that guided us to what we should be doing."
Marc Mombourquette
Former Product Manager, Acronis

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Birnbach Communications; I’ve really enjoyed and learned much in the process. The Birnbach Communications team consistently demonstrated strong knowledge of the financial services sector, a clear vision of the company, solutions and business objectives, and a passion for delivering strategic public relations.”
Barry Vasudevan
Former Product Manager, Mantas & Reveleus

"We were impressed with Birnbach's product review expertise, and feel that it's critical to get reviewers' attention to validate what our existing customers already know: that Projected Financials is an easier, faster and more accurate tool than spreadsheets to develop financial models that can help management make the right decisions. We're already seeing positive results, including an eWeek article that said, 'If we were starting from scratch, with the pervasive connectivity of today, I suspect that we would build something that looks a lot more like the Projected Financials product from Whitebirch Software."
Michael Hoffmann
President, Whitebirch Software

"We're a new company, but our executive team has decades of management experience in information security, fraud examination, business intelligence and financial systems integration. Birnbach is helping us to increase executive visibility, showcase our expertise, and reach potential customers."
Patrick Taylor
Chief Executive Officer, Oversight Systems

"Birnbach is responsive, creative and strategic. They know the media, understood my business, and were able to generate strong results for us at a critical time at IBM Software. Birnbach's strong leadership, perceptive counsel and personal media relationships helped us reach beyond product announcements and drive significant feature stories in sought after publications."
Joe Eckert
Former, Manager, PR, IBM Software
Former Vice President, Corporate Communications, SuSE Linux

"Birnbach took Novell's technology, its business objectives and messages and translated them into compelling story angles that got the attention of the business media. By closely tracking the media, not just reporter moves but the trends they cover, Birnbach delivered strategic results that helped move the needle."
Darin Richins
Former Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Novell
Vice President, Worldwide Marketing Overland Storage, Inc.
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Consultants and Service Providers
"Birnbach Communications brings us the expertise we need to help achieve our goals of building on our success, making the rest of the world, especially the U.S., more aware of what we – and Russian outsourcing – can offer. They understand our issues and opportunities, have provided top-notch counsel and execution from day one, and have helped us move our story forward."
Lilia Tsalalikhin
Former Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Luxoft

"Birnbach Communications is an invaluable partner in providing first-hand knowledge of the U.S. market, helping Luxoft to achieve significant brand recognition within the shortest period. We value their high level of professionalism and responsiveness."
Julia Simonova
Global Communications Manager, Luxoft

"There are lots of big PR agencies out there, but you can get lost inside them. I like working with Birnbach because they pay attention and think and act like a trusted partner, giving us objective feedback we can trust, developing recommendations that are strategic and in our best interests, and always looking to provide additional value to our ideas."
Allan Schoenberg
Former Senior Manager, Public Relations, global consulting company
Associate Director, Technology Public Relations, Chicago Mercantile Exchange
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Investor Relations
"Birnbach understands the importance of coordinating Public Relations and Investor Relations for an effective communications program, especially for a public or soon-to-be public company. The professional staff at Birnbach is savvy about national media and knowledgeable about business and finance. They know when to get IR involved and how to coordinate a message involving national and trade media, as well as the outlets that influence the investor audience."
S. Kelley MacDonald
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, State Street Corp.
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"I have worked with Birnbach Communications at three different companies in two different industries. They bring a partner's perspective to the table, and always offer smart recommendations and spot-on insight to help us achieve our marketing goals. They helped guide us in new directions, and find pro-active ways to keep my companies relevant in their respective industries. They are expert at offering strategic direction as well as executing on key tactics, such as writing and placing bylined articles and blog posts, helping us win awards, build relationship with analysts and key media, explore social media, successfully launch new products, and adapt to new market issues (including acquisitions). All this, and they're fun to work with, too."
Stephen M. Epstein
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Avistar Communications
Former VP, Product Marketing, Mantas and Reveleus (now part of Oracle)

Some PR shops are great at media relations but don't understand a client's business. I've managed public relations at two different companies in two different sectors, and Norman Birnbach and his team combine strong technology expertise with a deep understanding of my business. Their media recommendations are strategic, successful and sensitive to our corporate culture."
Daniel Collins
Division Vice President, Corning, Inc.
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Venture Capital
"On behalf of NEVN, I want to thank you for your impressive work. Birnbach Communications keeps NEVN on our toes and brings such fun and innovative ideas to the organization. You've helped identify new media and influencer relationships, strengthen current relationships, and raise NEVN's visibility among our local and online communities focused on New England's startup and VC sectors."
Geraldine Alias
Principal, Volition Capital & Co-Chair, New England Venture Network (NEVN)

"Birnbach understands what is important to VC media, provided strategic counsel that paid off during interviews, and seamlessly coordinated efforts across the companies we invested in and their PR functions. Birnbach generated coverage that effectively communicated key messages for Novell Ventures, specifically our strategy to help accelerate the growth of the directory market by investing in early-round companies whose software products support or require Novell Directory Services and other components of Novell's overall technology portfolio."
Blake Modersitzki
Former Managing Director of Novell Ventures and Vice President Strategic Business Development, Novell
Partner, Utah Ventures
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"We conducted a thorough agency review, meeting with a dozen agencies from around the country, ranging from large agencies to midsize boutiques. We required an agency with the right mix of security industry expertise, a strong track record of media success, including product reviews, and good chemistry with our internal team. In our first weeks of working with Birnbach, we already see how they add significant value to our business and keep us focused on results."
Brett Schklar
Former Director of Marketing, Q1 Labs Inc.
Former Senior Director of Marketing And Product Management, Vericept Corp.

"We are still reaping the benefit of the relationship you kicked off with Network Computing, and I do appreciate that a lot."
Brendan Hannigan
Chief Operating Officer, Q1 Labs

"I must tell you that I am impressed with your success on the Logan project. I believe your team is responsible for getting the full breadth of coverage for a decent story. Logan has generated double the traffic to our website from the weeks prior. It has resulted in calls to our office seeking information and collateral and additional leads to our sales team."
David Gerluski
Former Vice President, Marketing, VistaScape Security Systems
Vice President, Marketing, Oversight Systems

"Birnbach operates the way agencies should. Norman Birnbach was present from day one – unlike at other agencies, where senior people disappear after the pitch only to reappear before signing the next year's contract. He was deeply involved, always bringing a strong strategic perspective towards national media relations and executive visibility. Unlike other senior executives, his advice and counsel was designed with our best interests in mind, not just to sell us on additional services that would have benefited the agency's bottom-line. He's been a true partner."
Michele Norwood
Former Director, Corporate Communications, Internet Security Systems (ISS)
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"We were impressed with Birnbach's great research. They were quick and perceptive in understanding the exact nature of our business. They provided excellent media training and service, and generated terrific results for us."
Jonathan Goldberg
Director of Product Marketing, Broadcom
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" selected Birnbach Communications to be our 'agency of record.' Our VP of Marketing had a successful prior relationship, and as we expected, this repeat customer experience is no different. has been hard at work evolving our business, and the Birnbach team was right on target in further developing our key messages & positioning, as well as identifying new ways to raise brand awareness. They ‘get it.’ They have the experience and are true professionals - It was immediately clear they made it their priority to understand our culture, our mission, and how they could be part of our team."
Joe Kakaty
CEO, Edvisors

"When the Massachusetts owners of Home Instead Senior Care started working together on joint public relations and marketing activities, we selected Birnbach Communications. Norman and his team are smart, creative, and understand how to work with franchise owners' groups. For three years, until the home office changed its marketing processes, Birnbach developed timely and compelling content for Massachusetts media, developed events that enabled us to talk about key issues, secured placements in local and regional media that raised awareness of the Home Instead Senior Care brand in Massachusetts, and continued to find ways to present our content in fresh ways. Our office continues to work with Birnbach on an ad hoc basis to write and place articles that continue to position us as thought leaders on key issues affecting the state. We continue to view them as an effective source to communicate our views."
Bruce Bender, MD
Owner, Home Instead Senior Care of Northborough and Natick, MA

"HomePortfolio provides the best and largest portfolio of home design choices available today, with information and images of more than 700,000 products from 1,700 manufacturers. Our business is complex because we target four different segments in the fragmented $500 billion U.S. home design industry: manufacturers, retailers, designers and consumers. Birnbach quickly learned our business, and helped us develop messages designed for the very diverse needs and interests of each of our four audiences. They think about the big picture and also quickly hit the phones to generate media coverage. In a short time, we’re already seeing results, including a terrific New York Times article."
Todd McDonagh
Vice President of Operations, HomePortfolio
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"When a CviaD client required brand positioning, we looked to our allies at Birnbach Communications for a fully integrated campaign. One such client was Universal Event Management (UEM), a premier event management company looking to advance to an international presence. Workng in tandem with Birnbach allowed CviaD to create and best leverage UEM's positioning. This generated a seamless synergy that added value, while preparing a strong foundation of messaging and design from which to build upon. Media planning and communications design continue to deliver the message throughout target venues and audiences. The result of this well-planned strategy and action plan is a strong and effective presence, delivered confidently and consistently."
Vicki Adjami
Principal, Communications via Design (CviaD)
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"I'm very pleased with the work done by the Birnbach Team. As a result of their work, was mentioned in a story in the Washington Post, we've been interviewed by Time magazine for a story on grandparents with grandchildren being raised in a different religion, and Parent Guide, a 210,000 circulation paper in the New York metropolitan area, wants to do a story about tolerance in interfaith families for June. This is all priceless exposure. They also 'prodded' me to greatly expand the 'About' section of the website, which now lists most of our press mentions and advocacy writing and conveys a lot more about our work and message..And we received extensive press coverage in December 2005, including Newsweek and the Associated Press, thanks to them, and to the fact that Hanukkah started on Christmas Day for only the fourth time in 100 years – a fact that Birnbach first brought to our attention."
Edmund Case

"We just completed another successful lecture with over 100 people in attendance and its success is due in no small part to the both of you. Deborah and I are very grateful for all your input and hard work during this past year. It meant a lot to know that this very important part of our planning was in such creative and capable hands. The publicity on (the) Felder (event) has been great and we hope that it bears much fruit as we come to the finish line. Thank you so very much!"
Claire Sandler
Jubilee Co-Chair, Temple Sinai
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Health Care
"Birnbach's contacts at The Wall Street Journal were invaluable in getting us that crucial first meeting. What a difference it's made to our presence in the Journal since then, and our ability to get our message to more of the diabetes community."
Rachel J. Whitehouse
Former Vice President of Communications, Joslin Diabetes Center
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Hebrew SeniorLife
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