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How We Work: Overview
Birnbach Communications delivers senior-level intelligence and attention to a client base of emerging and midsized companies, divisions of large corporations as well as nonprofit organizations.

Our size enables us to be hands-on and accountable to a degree not possible at larger agencies, where account teams typically are comprised of junior staffers learning the ropes on your business. Yet our senior-level practitioners' hourly rates are competitive with junior-staffers at large agencies. The advantage for our clients: we take the time to listen to your business objectives/mission and short- and long-term communications goals, understand your business, develop the right strategy and deliver results that achieve your objectives.

At large agencies, senior executives are not able to dedicate significant amounts of time to clients. They're spread thin. We started Birnbach Communications to spend more time on clients, not in agency meetings. Given the speed of today's business, we are flexible and responsive enough to make real-time strategic changes.

Our team's experience across large agencies as well as industries helps our clients address their communications needs. We have teamed with clients to launch – or re-position – themselves to the market, go public, manage communications for M&A deals, leverage key milestones, announce venture capital financing, launch new products and services, increase senior management visibility, fulfill everyday communications that are never just routine, and get their in-house PR functions started.

Our experience allows us to provide high level communication strategy, while our size enables us to execute the strategy – unlike large agencies, where senior executives are tied up managing the agency's bottom-line.

How We Work
Birnbach Communications brings the perspective of our experiences to our clients to work strategically, creatively and cost-effectively to achieve your short- and long-term business objectives. We build strong relationships with our clients by learning their business and corporate personality, and by being ethical, responsive, accountable and engaging – qualities we think are critical to maintaining long-term client relationships.

We ask a lot of questions to gain a better understanding of your business dynamics, not just your business goals. This enables us to be sensitive to your corporate culture and make recommendations that will be effective.

Our plans and recommendations are thoughtful, not cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf ideas we dusted off from some ancient client; but our work does not end with developing the strategy. We also execute those plans, which our senior counterparts at large agencies don't do. The reason: at large agencies, the higher up you go, the further removed you are from day-to-day clients and media relations.

But we went into PR and left large agencies because we enjoy client interaction and are passionate about media relations. The advantage for our clients: because we are in daily contact with reporters, we have fresh insights, and are not reliant on second-hand information or on how the media formerly operated…before the Internet and email. Combining journalism, business and PR agency backgrounds, we develop compelling stories, target the right reporters, and deliver results tied to your goals.

At large agencies, senior executives often push projects and additional services to meet their revenue objectives, and don't always think about the clients' best interest. With the perspective of a strategic partner, we base our recommendations on what our experience tells us best serves your interests, not on what is best for our bottom-line. We will provide our objective assessment whether or not a project, press release, event, etc. will achieve your business and communications objectives and is therefore a worthwhile project for which to allocate budget – even if that budget that would have gone to us. We always provide alternatives to meet your goals.

But at the end of the day, it is your budget and your decision; and we will engage in the project with our professional best. We also integrate closely with a client's IR function, and can work on a project basis – unlike large agencies whose business models require long-term retainers and large fees. As entrepreneurs, we spend your money as if it were our own. Cautiously. We may be small, but we think big – while keeping within a realistic budget.

Corporate Communications

  • National and Business Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Visibility
  • Positioning, Branding and Strategic Messaging
  • IPO Communications
  • M&A Communications
  • VC Communications
  • Crisis Communications

Market Intelligence

  • Competitive Assessment
  • Analyst Relations
  • Media Audits

Media Relations

  • Feature Story Placement and Pro-Active Placement
  • Regional Media Relations
  • Industry or Vertical Media Relations
  • Media Tours
  • Executive Media Training
  • Product Launches, Product Positioning and Reviews
  • Press Conferences and Webcasts
  • Calendar Update
  • Ongoing Media List Development

Content Development

  • Press Releases
  • Media Kits Assessment and Development
  • Website Content Assessment and Development
  • Executive Speech Writing
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Bylined Articles
  • Video News Releases
  • Radio News Releases

Metrics and Research

  • Monitoring, Assessing and Measuring media
  • Trend Analysis


Mission Statement
We help our clients by learning their business objectives, by developing strategic public relations plans to achieve those goals, and by never forgetting our clients' goals. Based on our clients' objectives, we provide critical insight that transforms facts, information and strategy into compelling, timely stories and then match those stories with the right media. We stay on top of the news, to advise our clients of fast-breaking changes that could affect them. We provide our clients with experienced, senior-level attention and excellent client service.


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