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The definition of telecommunications has expanded significantly beyond Ma Bell's rotary phones to include devices that do not use telephones or phone lines. Wireless and broadband technologies are two key drivers of the future of technology – but they cover a range of technologies and acronyms. There are broadband companies developing optical fiber and others developing broadband semiconductors.

We have extensive experience in both wireless and broadband, having worked for wireless players; home networking enablers fiber optics giant Corning; and broadband semiconductor companies. We also have worked for local service providers like two Baby Bells and cable providers and content providers like Jones Intercable and its Mind Extension University (now Jones International University) subsidiary. We also have experience working on key telecommunication issues such as last-mile, digital divide, carriage and school-to-work.

For Corning, we developed the strategy and executed the program that positioned the company (best known for the consumer products division it had sold five years earlier) as a turn-around case study. We changed the way Corning was classified, the reporters who covered it, and secured placements in Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Upside and others – all key objectives for the company's CEO, and won a Bell Ringer Award from the Publicity Club of New England.

For a major wireless PDA company, we got the ball rolling by working closely with Business Week's Stephen Wildstrom, who was ranked by Technology Marketing Magazine as 2002's most influential technology reporter, to generate a very positive review, entitled "Close to Perfect Pocket E-mail." And we have helped that client go head-to-head with industry leader Palm, securing positive mentions in articles surrounding the launch of the Palm VII. Our work supporting the relaunch of Mind Extension University was awarded the prestigious Silver Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

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