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PR Week (US), March 18, 2002

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HEADLINE: Renaming Enron Triggers Readers' Creative Energies

BODY: Shortly after Enron announced on February 21 that it was changing its name, PRWeek put out a call for suggestions about what its new moniker should be.

More than one PR pro liked "Endrun," a sentiment echoed by those who came up with "Conmore," "En-Con," "En-rob," "Done-Wrong," "Been-ron," and "Enwrong."

Other respondents felt that Enron's new name should be renamed with IR in mind.

From PR consultant Steve Cecil, we received the following alternatives: "NoErn" and "E.N.R.O.N," which would now stand for "Everyone Now Retires On Nothing." As for an updated ticker symbol, the company could turn to a proposal made by David Hammer, senior account executive at Pierpont Communications. "Enron's new name," he wrote, "is MUD."

Of course, a renaming must come with a new slogan. Birnbach Communications founder Norman Birnbach was inspired by Taco Bell and the US Army, respectively, coming up with "Run for the border!" and "We shred more paper by 8am than most companies do all day."

But after an intensive evaluation process, PRWeek decided that the savviest overall advice came from the extremely eager Cecil, who sent in 10 ideas in all. Here's another: "They wouldn't even have to change names if they got into the fastener business. Enron Screw & Bolt just sounds like a natural brand extension."

Congratulations, Steve – you have won the grand prize. Our Enron stock certificates should arrive in your mailbox soon.

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