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Our team has experience across the financial sector, from the country's largest mutual fund company to banks and insurance companies to financial software companies such as UNIT4 Business Software and UNIT CODA, Liberty Mutual, Adra Match, Centage, Mantas, Reveleus, Avior Computing, ControlPath, The Hanover Insurance Group, Oversight Systems, Whitebirch Software and Longview Solutions. We have also worked with growth equity and VC funds as well as with Compliance Week, the leading compliance publication, to support is annual conference.

For an AgTech VC fund and for a growth equity fund, we've announced a new round, new commercialization deals and helped them make inroads with their thought leadership campaigns by establishing new relationships with key reporters and editors at important investor-focused trade publications including Chief Investorment Officer, Penions & Invesments, and Institutional Investor.

When it comes to financial software, part of the challenge is making sure customers understand where a company fits in. After all, there are more than 15 industry sectors offering different solutions for corporate finance departments.

We worked with UNIT4 CODA before and after its merger with UNIT4 Business Software, the North American subsidiary of a global software company. We have supported UNIT4 Business Software as it communicates its thought leadership campaign to raise awareness of the company's flagship ERP and accounting solutions to handle complex accounting and financial needs. The prrogram includes thought leadership and social media. In the first half of 2012, we generated nearly 3,200 articles (including pickups) that represented a 200% increase over the prior six-month period, and resulted in 183,736,320 impressions. Coverage included CFO Magazine, Accounting Today, Best Financial Planning, STORES, Chain Store Age, Consumer Electronics Net, Reuters, IT Business, Financial Operations Matters, IT Jungle, and IBM System Magazine.

We also secured industry awards for UNIT4 Business Software that enhanced the brand's credibility, placed five bylined articles with key outlets. Additionally we also developed customer case studies including two Multimedia Asset Productions and helped develop content used on social media to engage influencers, customers and prospects.

We helped launch Scandinavian software company, Adra Match in the U.S., securing contributed articles to positions its accounting reconiliation software.

For Mantas, a leading global compliance and operational risk management solutions firm, we conducted media relations and thought leadership campaigns. The award-winning Mantas Behavior Detection Platform is the industry's most comprehensive solution for detecting risk, enhancing customer relationships and addressing regulatory requirements in the anti-money laundering (AML), trading and broker compliance areas. We also supported ongoing initiatives targeting Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), announced customer wins, and helped the company win prestigious awards, including Waters 2007 for Best AML Product.

Because Mantas has a small marketing team, we worked as an extension of that team, helping to sharpen their messages and improve the company's image with the media.

For Reveleus, a sister company of Mantas, we launched the financial services industry's first Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) platform, supported initiiatives for Basel II, conducted an extensive analyst relations program, among other programs. On behalf of both companies, we increased their share of voice in 2007 substantially over 2006; beyond the quantity of articles generated, the quality of the articles were high based on the number of articles that included senior management or customer quotes as well as the tone of the articles themselves, which ran 98% positive (the rest were neutral). Compared two of its much larger competitors, Reveleus scored substantially higher in terms of generating original articles that included a quote about the company, which is the accepted definition of a stronger story.  For Reveleus, 58% of its coverage in these 12 outlets included a quote; just 37.5% and 18.5%, respectively, of competitive articles included a quote.

We generated coverage for Mantas and Reveleus in key publications such American Banker, Bank Systems & Technology, Bank Technology News, Bank Systems & Technology, Banking Technology, BaselAlert, Business Finance, Finance Tech, eWeek, Insurnace NewsNet, OpRisk & Compliance, Securities Industry News, The Banker, Wall St. & Technology, and Waters.

For ControlPath, we launched the latest version of its flagship product, ControlPath Compliance Suite 3.0, handling communications as the company was spun out from its parent, Accuvant, an elite provider of information security and regulatory compliance solutions and services. ControlPath Compliance Suite 3.0 can save enterprises as much as 90 percent over the cost of manual compliance processes by automating the laborious tasks of complying with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and numerous standards. We've secured coverage in Network World, Financial Executive, SC Magazine, IT Audit, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, Denver Business Journal, BankInfoSecurity, Line 56, CSO, Dow Jones VentureWire, CIO India, International Banking Systems Journal, CRM Buyer, Banking Wire, Network Security, and others.

For The Hanover Insurance Group, we helped redefine the corporate brand and announce its name change (from Allmerica Financial). Our work secured coverage in leading trade media, including Best's Review, Insurance Journal and others, as well as in the business press, including an Associated Press article that got wide pick up.

We helped position Whitebirch Software, and to launch the its flagship product, Projected Financials 4.0, a financial modeling and scenario analysis software that produces accurate and complex financial models in a fraction of the time of traditional spreadsheet modeling. In addition to building comprehensive financial models, Projected Financials simplifies creating, comparing, and documenting what-if scenarios. It is vastly faster and easier to use than Excel.

Our work resulted in positive articles in eWeek, PC Magazine, CPA Technology Advisor, Small Business Technology and others. PC Magazine gave Projected Financials a Four-Star Rating two years in a row. And in his article in the March 22, 2004 edition of eWeek, "25 years in a Cell," Peter Coffee talks about the limitations of spreadsheets and options available to modelers:

"If we were starting from scratch, with the hardware power and the pervasive connectivity of today, I suspect we'd build something that looks a lot more like Projected Financials from Whitebirch Software ( ). You can try before you buy with a guest account at Whitebirch's site, but essentially, the product deals with financial objects rather than individual numbers. A revenue stream, for example, has certain characteristics, such as when it starts and what trend it exhibits. A financial statement aggregates some numbers, such as monthly profits that sum to yearly profits, but reports others, such as accounts receivable, as levels rather than flows.

"The higher-level approach of the Whitebirch product encourages higher-level thinking about assumptions and uncertainties, and it makes it easier to construct more complete and realistic models – ones that reflect seasonal trends, market saturations and other messy but important behaviors that ordinary spreadsheets only model with great effort. Such nuanced modeling encourages decision makers to spend more time acquiring better knowledge and less time trying to spin the straw of ignorance into the gold of brilliant foresight."

We helped Oversight Systems, a developer whose products offer real-time compliance monitoring, develop messaging and positioning that will help it compete. We worked to raise the company's visibility among key constituents, securing speaking opportunities for CEO Patrick Taylor at a number of industry conferences, including ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition, Institute of Internal Auditors: Emerging Trends & Leading Practices, CSI’s 31st Annual Computer Security Conference, and North America Fraud Conference. We placed bylined articles and letters to the editor (that led to additional placement opportunities) about key issues in publications that include: CFO, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, the Corporate Counselor and Internal Auditing Magazine.

For Canadian-based Longview Solutions, a financial software developer, we helped to increase awareness in U.S. trade publications, placing stories in, DM Review, and others.

Previously, our experience includes:

  • Launching the first major financial services website in 1995 – before the Internet was widely used and before big companies moved services online. We also helped develop the strategy that gained acceptance for a major mutual funds company's commitment to the Internet.
  • Developing the media relations strategy for a provider of wireless services to the banking industry and for a developer of business analytics that can be accessed via the web.
  • Writing bylined articles for the jumbo loan division and supported the investment bank division of two commercial banks ranked in Fortune's Global 100.



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