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Consumer interest in gadgets and personal technology is as strong as ever. And we bring more than a decade's expereince working on behalf of a range of personal technology products, services and companies, from social networking site to LED lighting manufacturer Color Kinetics (now part of Royal Philips Electronics) to home design portal HomePortfolio to speech recognition software to wireless PDAs to online retailers to a car rental company to consumer electronics.

We launched, the first social networking site designed specifically to help couples meet other, like-minded couples. Since then, we've generating a number of timely and creative press releases – leveraging a Duke University study that found that Americans have fewer connections with other people, and a line from a CBS show, "Rules of Engagement" that pointed out a couple on the show, married 12 years, needed "new couple friends." We turned a quote from Uma Thurman in People Magazine that celebrities could use an online dating service into an opportunity to welcome celebrity couples to meet other couples based on shared interests, not their A-list status. Results include a mention in The Guardian, a "The Today Show" segment in 2007 that was also posted on MSNBC, radio interviews, and print articles across the country and in England – results that doubled the membership in a matter of months.

We helped launch ZANA Network, a business networking portal that connects small and medium enterprises (SME) in over 100 countries worldwide with sales opportunities, financing, insurance, partnerships, marketing and other resources to help make them more connected, efficient and profitable. We generated coverage that turned the launch into a success, and secured a proclomation for Small and Medium Business Day in Michigan that gave local media additional information to use in reporting on the Farmington Hills, MI-based company. We have helped issue dozens of announcements, secured coverage in national media such as Inc. Magazine and Washginton Post; local media including Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Crain's Detroit Business; and key bloggers and podcasts including: The Small Business Blogger, Wow My News Small Business, the Export Yellow Pages, and Startup Story Radio ("Howard Keating of ZANA Network"). We are also helping to launch ZANA's own podcast series.

For Color Kinetics (now part of Royal Philips Electronics' Solid-State Lighting Solutions), an LED lighting manufacturer with more than 15,000 installations worldwide, we conducted a business and consumer media relations program. Endorsed by Wal-Mart and the focus of new state and international governmental laws to eliminate incandescent bulbs in favor of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), we helped Color Kinetics position its products as a superior "green" alternative. We identified ways the company could highlight the environmental benefits of its products, and generated coverage in Fortune, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, and two Associated Press articles that were picked up by more than 150 newspapers and websites such as,, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC as well as – international coverage in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Best of all, our coverage generated positive messages about LED lights, such as the headline in the pickup: "LEDs move into home lighting market."

We worked with KVH Industries to raise visibility for its TracVisionA5, an ultra-low profile antenna that brings satellite TV programming to in-vehicle video screens. In-car video systems are already popular accessories in minivans and SUVs, but satellite TV is a new option, available only from KVH and DirecTV. In its report, report, “Changing Lifestyles, Changing Cars,” Forrester calls in-car satellite a must-have. We have secured national coverage from The New York Times to Cnet to TV Guide to introduce the TracVision to potential customers.

HomePortfolio is the leading directory of home design choices that presents more than 700,000 products from 1,700 premium manufacturers and offer links to 100,000 showrooms where you can touch, feel, and buy them. We secured very favorable mentions in national outlets, including The New York Times. Michelle Slatella's Online column; entitled, "A Sofa Embraced in Its Native Habitat," the column generated increased awareness for the company and drove more users to the site.

Our experience includes introducing a major wireless PDA, including securing coverage that helped propel it to national prominence by working closely with Business Week's Stephen Wildstrom to generate a very positive review, entitled "Close to Perfect Pocket E-mail." We also helped helped that client go head-to-head with industry leader Palm, securing positive mentions in articles surrounding the launch of the Palm VII.

Our experience also includes helping to expand the perception of one of the country's largest bar code companies into a cutting-edge wireless company, with major product introductions such as its Personal Portable Shopper, a self-checkout scanner already popular in Europe but available in only one U.S. supermarket (a Finast's in Cleveland). Our campaign secured coverage in newspapers and broadcast outlets around the country, including USA Today, The New York Times Magazine (which hailed it as one of six key retail innovations), and positive features on ABC's "World News Tonight" and NBC's "Dateline." It also got the attention of Jay Leno, who mentioned it in his monologue.

Other experience includes:

  • Generating two consumer product reviews in Business Week in 2002.
  • Scheduling top-tier media tours for the CEO of Europe's largest consumer electronics company.
  • Advising one company as it introduced its Internet postage systems and fought against two then-media-darling start-ups.
  • Helping to launch the originator of push technology, the Pointcast Network.
  • Celebrating the 20th anniversary of a major consumer product by overseeing the production of a Video News Release (VNR), which was picked up nationwide, including CBS News "Sunday Morning," and won honorable mention as VNR of the Year by PR Week.
  • Securing positive coverage in The New York Times, Time Magazine, CBS "This Morning," CNNfn, and many others.

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