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The Birnbach Communications team brings more than 100 years of experience and expertise across a range of technology, including Internet security, and non-technology sectors including health care and life sciences, as well as nonprofit organizations to help our clients address their communications needs. We have helped clients introduce – or re-position – themselves to the market, go public, manage M&A deals, leverage key milestones, announce VC financing, launch new products and services, raise awareness of key issues, increase senior management visibility, secure coverage of fundraising events, fulfill everyday communications that are never just routine, and get their in-house PR functions started.

Combining journalism, business and PR agency backgrounds, we develop compelling stories, target the right reporters, and deliver results tied to your business goals.

Over the years, the team has worked across the range of organizations and PR experience, including:

  • start-ups (with no in-house PR function and little PR experience);
  • midsize companies and nonprofit institutions (with small in-house PR function and limited PR experience or resources)
  • Fortune 500 corporations (with complex in-house PR functions with sophisticated PR experience).

We understand the challenges and demands that our clients face, and how to address their communications needs, from:

  • entrepreneurs establishing their companies – when they may lack finished products, signed customer contracts, staff resources, budgets and consistency (due to rapidly-evolving business models) – while managing their relationships with Venture Capital investors;
  • VCs as they seek to nurture their portfolio companies and maximize their investments across a portfolio of start-ups; and
  • senior managers as they grow their corporations, including after going public.

We have extensive experience with CEOs and senior managers, and understand how to work and communicate effectively with them. And our experience allows us to provide high level business communication strategy while our size enables us to execute the strategy – not delegate it to some junior staffer.

We also have experience working on cross-border communications programs for clients, including Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, India, and Israel. We have served as lead agency for our clients, generating messaging, byline articles, and managed global timelines to ensure consistency and coordination. For some insight into our global experience, check out our case study.

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